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Photo Megapost! 1000+ pictures added to! - Leave a comment

After taking a little time off for the holidays, I’m back to douse your computer with Hanson once again. Over 1000 photos have been added to our photo gallery over the past few days, so check them out below!

January 5th: 4 new pics uploaded into album ‘12/31/2013 Onondaga Lake Park‘ by brittany
January 5th: 23 new pics uploaded into album ‘Hanson's 21st‘ by brittany
January 5th: 88 new pics uploaded into album ‘Fools Banquet (2009)‘ by brittany
January 5th: 71 new pics uploaded into album ‘The Walk Around The World Tour (2008)‘ by brittany
January 5th: 72 new pics uploaded into album ‘The Walk Tour ('07-'08)‘ by brittany
January 4th: 364 new pics uploaded into album ‘Making of Give A Little (2011)‘ by brittany
January 4th: 63 new pics uploaded into album ‘Making of Thinking 'Bout Somethin' (2010)‘ by brittany
January 4th: 94 new pics uploaded into album ‘Tom's Shoe Drop in Africa (2007)‘ by brittany
January 4th: 114 new pics uploaded into album ‘05/20/2005 Mayfest‘ by brittany
January 4th: 68 new pics uploaded into album ‘Making of Live & Electric (2005)‘ by brittany
January 4th: 18 new pics uploaded into album ‘Session #003 Live & Electric Shoot‘ by brittany
January 3rd: 81 new pics uploaded into album ‘12/01/2007 Club Infinity‘ by brittany
December 22nd: 109 new pics uploaded into album ‘12/17/2013 Magazzini Generali‘ by brittany
December 22nd: 13 new pics uploaded into album ‘09/__/1997 Festivalbar Italy‘ by brittany

600+ new pictures on! - Leave a comment

December 19th: 93 new pics uploaded into album ‘12/13/2013 La Trabendo
December 18th: 13 new pics uploaded into album ‘04/26/2010 Today Show
December 18th: 23 new pics uploaded into album ‘10/19/2009 Baltimore, Maryland
December 18th: 53 new pics uploaded into album ‘10/15/2009 Nokia Theater
December 18th: 12 new pics uploaded into album ‘11/02/2005 Nokia Theater
December 18th: 09 new pics uploaded into album ‘10/15/2009 New York, New York
December 18th: 23 new pics uploaded into album ‘10/14/2009 Boston, Massachusetts
December 18th: 15 new pics uploaded into album ‘03/06/2007 The Supper Club
December 16th: 65 new pics uploaded into album ‘10/19/2008 Showcase Live
December 16th: 31 new pics uploaded into album ‘12/05/2007 Bronson Center
December 16th: 81 new pics uploaded into album ‘10/16/2008 Lupo's
December 16th: 18 new pics uploaded into album ‘04/23/2008 Burlington, Vermont
December 16th: 38 new pics uploaded into album ‘10/22/2008 Hartford, Connecticut
December 16th: 72 new pics uploaded into album ‘10/19/2008 Foxboro, Massachusetts
December 16th: 29 new pics uploaded into album ‘10/18/2008 Foxboro, Massachusetts
December 16th: 37 new pics uploaded into album ‘10/23/2008 House of Blues
December 16th: 38 new pics uploaded into album ‘04/22/2008 Clifton Park, New York
December 16th: 22 new pics uploaded into album ‘07/31/2007 The Guvernment
December 16th: 14 new pics uploaded into album ‘07/29/2007 MTV Live

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has donated photos over the last few weeks! Your cards, stickers, and merch are in the mail. Thanks to all of our hard work, officially has the largest Hanson photo gallery on the internet, and it makes me so proud! We’re just shy of having 13,000 pictures, which is absolutely amazing for a site that is just starting. *brushes off shoulders*

The discography, which is our current big project, is coming along nicely! I can’t wait to show the finished product off to you guys. It’s going to be awesome.

HNET Newsletter Dec 15, 2013 - Leave a comment

Message From The Band

We only have two more shows in Europe before the ANTHEM would tour shuts down for the Christmas holiday. We are having a great time playing shows and doing Walks for the Take The Walk campaign, in almost every case the walks in Europe have been the first walks we have hosted in each country.

On the bus there is a mix of enthusiasm for such a great tour, and melancholy as we’re sad to see such a great run come to a close. The Christmas season is a beautiful time of year to be traveling Europe, each city having their Christmas market in full swing, people walking the streets window-shopping for that perfect something, for that special someone. This is also such a special time to spent with family (no brothers don’t count) going to christmas parties, chopping firewood, and generally decking the halls, and we hope everyone will have a chance to enjoy this time. How bitter sweet life can be. As we wrap up this tour with the final shows in Italy we will try and suck the marrow out of every moment for the next few days and then find our merry way home with no regrets!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE Back To The Island 2014
Hi -

Well the ANTHEM World Tour is in full swing, and as we step into winter we are even more looking forward to an incredible getaway to Jamaica for the second Back To The Island Event.

Last year’s event was incredible, but as we are always trying to take it up a notch, we have a few more announcements about what the Back To The Island 2014 is going to entail.

To learn more, READ MORE HERE.

- Source

Apple Store & IndigO2 photos from December 8, 2013 & some updates! - Leave a comment

Thanks to for the permission to share the Apple show photos. They came out great! <3 All of the single art for the singles from Middle of Nowhere have been added to the gallery. Check out the art from the various worldwide releases here:

- MMMBop (1997)
- Where’s the Love (1997)
- I Will Come To You (1997)
- Weird (1998)
- Thinking of You (1998)

I’ve been revamping the lyrics/discography section the last day or so. It’ll take some time to complete it, but it’s shaping up really well. I’m trying to incorporate track length, song information, b-sides, album/single sales, single art, and a bunch more stuff. If you want to see a preview, click here and if you have any suggestions, let me know what you think!

Once the discography section is built and completed, I’ll be starting on the epic adventure of compiling a video archive. It’ll be a massive undertaking, but I’m ready!

Also, I’m always wanting to grow into the absolute best site it can be, so comment or email me if you’ve got things you want to see here. Thanks guys! <3

Hanson bring the Mmmbop and their global tour to Glasgow - Leave a comment

glasgowIf you had walked past Glasgow’s 02 ABC at around 4pm this evening, you would have been surprised to see a 50-strong crowd standing barefoot in the street.

This shoe-less movement is commonplace at a Hanson show though, as the band rustle up local fans to take part in a mile-long walk of the city for Take the Walk almost everywhere they go.

The barefoot walks raise money for Take Action, a charity which fights poverty and HIV/Aids in Africa, and the band have been supporting them since 2007.

This is the first Glaswegian walk to take place, which saw a crowd of excited fans leave their shoes behind and follow the band towards Kelvingrove park.

For a wet, windy afternoon – the turn out is admirable. Hanson is very grateful, but not particularly surprised. After all, a handful of fans have been waiting outside the venue since 6am just to nab a spot in the front row.

The most interesting thing about these fans is that none of them are from Glasgow – or anywhere particularly close. Instead they’ve traveled from Belfast, Brighton, Dundee and London to name but a few.

Not content with seeing the band play in Glasgow, these fans will follow Hanson across countries as they play a handful of UK dates – before moving on to mainland Europe.

It’s the kind of dedication that Taylor, Isaac and Zac Hanson are used to – but always appreciative of.

Review: Hanson, Great Hall, Cardiff University Students’ Union - Leave a comment

hanson-6383142Love them or loathe them, everyone it seems has an opinion on Hanson. With over 20 years in the business, Hanson have finally come to Cardiff. Ever since their breakthrough (and biggest) hit MmmBop became the sound of ‘97, they have released album after album of top quality songs.

The group made up of the ever smiling brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac released earlier this year, their ninth studio album Anthem to critical acclaim. Finally I get the chance of a lifetime to witness the band doing what they do best – playing live.

From the intimate show I witnessed it was quite clear, that this band of brothers have lost none of the charm or musical prowess since they first came over here in 1997. Kicking straight into Fired Up these seasoned professionals have the crowd eating out of their hands. From there we are treated to one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

The set covers their entire career, including the best from their latest Anthem. As this was their first show in Wales, I hope it isn’t their last.

Comparing their talent to the fly-by nature of today’s celebrities is a one-sided affair. The Hanson brothers have it by the bucketload. With just drums, guitar, piano and three harmonious voices Hanson put everyone else to shame.

Opening the show was Wales’ very own Sion Russell Edwards who impressed us with his tales of life via the Ed Sheeran/Passenger route of a acoustic guitar and a great voice. One to watch out for.

- Source

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