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Hanson talk beer and Hop Jam - Leave a comment

The Hanson brothers are all passionate about their music and craft beer. Taylor Hanson is also passionate about photography and now documents his travels with his camera. At an early age, the brothers traveled extensively. This opens up your world and helps you understand other ways of thinking. They also all came back to Oklahoma. Check the video below:

Oklahoma is really going through a revolution when it comes to craft beer. The United States has never had as many breweries in its history and Oklahoma’s craft beer community is growing, too.

The Hanson brothers are starting a music and beer festival that it wants to grow too. They thought bringing those things together would be a logical step. So Hop Jam was created. They wanted to create an event that invited people share these two worlds — enjoying great craft beer and great music.

“A lot of people don’t know how much great beer there is in Oklahoma, said Taylor Hanson. “It is really cool to go to a bar and look at the taps and see all the beer tap handles of beer that is produced in Oklahoma.
“We want to see the whole craft beer community grow.”

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Taylor Hanson in The Firing Line: “I’ve always respected my hair’s natural juices” - Leave a comment


If you thought ‘90s pop sensations Hanson broke up sometime after ‘MMMBop’, you wouldn’t be alone. Back before the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and One Direction, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson were winning tween hearts and dominating bedroom real estate, thanks – for the most part – to their 1997 breakthrough record Middle of Nowhere.

It’s pretty easy to lump them in with the likes of Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync and Five, but unlike those manufactured groups Hanson bucked the odds and have continued to make music and tour successfully for the last 21 years. Since 2007 Hanson have received three Grammy nominations and (at the time of writing) spawned 11 children between them. The brothers, now aged 28, 31 and 33, also have their own record label and are about to embark on an Australian tour to promote new album Anthem – probably to the same screaming girls who dug them 20 years ago. Lead singer, middle brother and “the good looking one” Taylor Hanson stepped into the FL Firing Line to field tough questions on religion, beer, girls and being a child star.

I’ve got some facts about you from an Angelfire fan page from the ‘90s, and I’d like to fact check some of them.
I seriously doubt there’s many real facts in there, but I’ll do my best.

Apparently you write with your right hand, and you deny that you’re ambidextrous.
Um, I am very right handed. I wish I was ambidextrous. If you learn to play piano well, you do have to develop your left hand. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

You use Flex shampoo.
I don’t know what Flex shampoo is. I’d like to correct the record. I’ve never been choosy about shampoo. When you have as much as hair as we do, in the Hanson gene pool, you try and use shampoo that keeps your hair from having a life of its own. I’ve always respected the natural juices and try to not overdo it. You just don’t need to wash too much. Wash as little as possible.

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Hanson Recording at Sonic Ranch For Fools Banquet - Leave a comment

We found out that through this week, Hanson were headed to El Paso, Texas, with Justin Kila and Hold Fast Gear, a Photographer’s Accessories company. They are at Sonic Ranch (where they recorded some of Anthem) and are writing and recording. It is now confirmed that they’re holding the 2014 Fool’s Banquet.. Check out the tweet confirmation and you can also click on Read More to see a clip of Zac playing.