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Mmm Bop brothers Hanson’s return - Leave a comment

bbcIn 1997 the blonde band of brothers Hanson were celebrating an international hit with the memorable MMMBop.

Sixteen years on and the boys have matured into fathers with ten kids between them and a brewing business.

Zac, Isaac and Taylor Hanson have not turned their backs on music however and interrupted the UK leg of their world tour to talk to BBC Breakfast…

Click here to watch the interview!

Taylor Hanson teams with Who Is MOTCOT youth turnout campaign - Leave a comment

Forget the glitz and glamour that comes with a life of celebrity. Taylor Hanson wants to talk about Tulsa’s mayoral race. Hanson, the middle brother of the Tulsa trio that rose to fame — gulp — 17 years ago, took to YouTube to ask young Tulsa voters to show up Nov. 12 to help shape their city’s future. “Hey, this is Taylor Hanson. I’m a musician, an entrepreneur and a guy from Tulsa, Oklahoma,” the short clip begins.