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In an effort to make as complete as can be, I’m going back to the beginning and starting to catalogue things from 1997 onward. I decided to start with scanning their old records. So here’s some of it! More to come soon. <3

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Over the past year we have had some incredible concerts, travel, walks and shared music with many of you all over the world. We have done more than a little wandering, and I owe you all a lot of images from along the way.

It is hard to believe we are now in the final month of 2013. From Argentina to Brazil,UK,US and Canada we have shared new music and concerts and it has been amazing. Now I am wading through my many images, and there are a lot to share.

I have so much to pull together, I am going to start with a selection of images primarily from the US/Canadian tour which we just wrapped up! We had several milestones, including first time visits to new places, one mile barefoot walks in the rain and the hot summer heat, many sold out shows with incredible crowds from Aneheim, to Boston and Vancouver to Toronto, and we even got to debut of Mmmhops beer at a HANSON concert! A lot of ground was covered, thanks for an incredible first 11 months of 2013 and now we’re excited to build that last month into a crescendo.


View the awesome photos at HANSON.NET!

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whatthealeBeer + Hanson = Awesome. Fans of Hanson got a special treat as Taylor Hanson helped celebrate the beer of the month at Leon’s. On Tuesday at Leon’s, 3301 S. Peoria Ave. in Brookside a beer of the month was announced. This isn’t just any beer. It is from our hometown rock stars Hanson.

Taylor Hanson was nice enough to sit down and talk about beer with me before the official visit to promote Mmmhops at the restaurant. Taylor and his brother Isaac collaborated with Mustang’s brewmaster Gary Shellman to produce Mmmhops. The beer is well-balanced American pale ale that is easy to drink with a nice malt and hop balance.

I am not sure why there were so many ladies there, I am guessing they found out I was going to be there. OK, OK, more likely they heard that Taylor Hanson was going to show up. All of them were eager to tell me their Hanson stories. One had seen all of their concerts at Cain’s Ballroom, another has been a fan since the second grade. A group of ladies had ordered Cosmos but promised me they were getting Mmmhops next. I watched and they did.

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Wondering what to get the HANSON Fan in your life this year? The elves at are here to help this holiday season with the “What to get a FANSON” Christmas List

1. ANTHEM Live In New York In this special live performance event captured in 2013 HANSON brings the music from their sixth studio album, ANTHEM to the stage and to their fans for the first time. Two hours of music, including twenty-seven songs spanning all six of their studio albums Includes DVD + Double Live album.

2. Re Made In America Re Made In America, The Making of ANTHEM is a documentary made to show the process of creating ANTHEM, HANSON’s sixth studio album. Watch HANSON every step of the way as they build ANTHEM from the first words written to the last notes recorded. Includes Digital Copy

3. HANSON’s ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas Enjoy HANSON’s version of the classic Night Before Christmas story. Written by HANSON and Illustrated by Zac Hanson. Follow along as HANSON gets a surprise visit from you know who, as they head home from a long tour on Christmas Eve. Includes Audio Book Read by Isaac Hanson Listen to a preview of the reading of the book here.

4. Limited Edition 2013 Christmas Ornament Decorate your tree with a little Christmas spirit from your favorite band. Features a photo of HANSON on side one and the cover art to HANSON’s ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas book on side two.

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hopIf you haven’t seen it already, check out the newly updated website for! There’s a lot more information on it now including news articles, retailers in a few different states and a little bio detailing the Hanson’s story with MMMHops. Also on the website, there’s a really fun video where Taylor and Isaac take you on a little journey making a batch of MMMHops. It’s really educational, and you can see how excited they are to make it, and subsequently get to share it with us. Hopefully their mail order service gets up and running soon because this New York gal wants to try some!

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Join Hanson as they take time before they starting their European tour. Since their meteoric rise with the 1997 international smash single MMMBop they’ve had multiple Grammy nominations and over 16 million album sales. They’ll play tracks from their latest album Anthem as well as some classics, showcasing their eclectic influences and signature vocal harmonies. Arrive early as seating is limited. Register before arrival.

Monday 2 December, 7:00 pm

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Taylor Hanson sees the beer he and his brothers have launched as an example of their music career to a degree. After massive hits in the 1990s, the band has continued to produce good music that more importantly reflects their identity, their home and their work creating something new, Hanson said.

“One of the things that is great about beer culture right now is the boom that has developed in the last 20 years of just people identifying with craft beers,” Hanson told the Tulsa World in a recent interview. “One of the things that is particularly cool about it is really taking an industry that’s been driven by really huge marketing dollars and taking it back down to this artisanal spirit and really building relationships with your audience.”

Plus, they just really like beer.

Oklahomans can get at taste of the Hanson beer, Mmmhops, which is now available at most liquor retailers in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and at many more stores and bars across the state soon. It took several years to get the project off the ground, from the first idea to determining what kind of beer they wanted to make to who would actually make it. What came out was a pale ale-style beer with a hoppy flavor and full body, Hanson said.  “The way we developed the beer was to start with this huge list of references of beers that we admire, reverse engineer them,” Hanson said. “And a little bit of drinking.”

Mustang Brewing in Oklahoma City produces the beer. Working with them was a great experience, Hanson said, talking about what they wanted and how to achieve that end.

“We began meeting other brewers and began learning how to talk shop and understand what goes into this whole process,” Hanson said. “We were really excited when we finally met Mustang. What’s interesting about Mustang guys is they’ve done some brewing for smaller brewing companies but they really have a spirit of wanting to try things, wanting to step in there and experiment.”

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