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Hanson’s latest CD, “Anthem,” has been released and Hanson is starting the first leg of a North American tour that visits theaters and large clubs. What’s more, “Anthem” is a cheery album, full of the kind of pop-rock — ahem, anthems — that should have audiences singing and clapping along to the songs.

The tone of “Anthem” is striking considering what happened about a year ago.

“I think this record was an interesting one because we really reached a point in 2012 where this record almost didn’t get made,” Zac Hanson said in a mid-August phone interview. “It was the first time, really ever, we had come up against a challenge that was maybe bigger than this band, in the sense of it was hard to overcome, just personal, not taking care of what’s most important. And you do something long enough, you begin to take those relationships with each other, the things that come so easily for so long, for granted.”

Noting that he and his brothers, Isaac and Taylor, aren’t the type to air their dirty laundry in public, Hanson didn’t delve into ugly details, but it’s clear that the normal sibling harmony had gone off key.

“I think the best way to say it is just we became overworked,” Hanson said, noting the time invested into various Hanson business concerns had taken a toll. “We run the (record) label. We manage ourselves. We produce the records. All the projects we do in addition to music, and things like Take the Walk (a charitable effort by the band), all the merchandise, and we’re starting a beer company, all of those things (were happening). And then if you do all of those things and then you get to go do the music, but the music is sort of burdened by all of those things, your relationship is burdened by all of the stresses of everything around you.

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So…I saw Hanson in Sayreville, New Jersey a few nights ago, and it was the perfect night! I took the walk on a terribly painful parking lot, which really drove the point of the experience home. I high-fived the guys, made some awesome new friends, heard my favorite song, and had a really lovely evening. After 21 years, they’ve got it more than ever. I posted some pictures up in the gallery from the night, as well as some older photoshoot pictures. Enjoy!

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Check out this amazing new cover of “MMMBop” by the hot new band The Vamps, given exclusively to!

The guys – Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball, Tristan Evans – filmed the video during their adventures in Los Angeles last month.

“’MMMBop’ is one of the biggest songs from a teen act in the past 20 years,” the guys told JJJ. “The song had such a worldwide impact, and we love the song – so we HAD to cover it!”

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It’s unusual to see someone walking barefoot along the Baywalk in November, but the band Hanson was able to encourage about half of a group of 75 fans to do just that Saturday afternoon.

The Grammy-nominated group, consisting of brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, who have been performing and recording for 21 years, is in town for a performance on their Anthem World Tour. As with their other performances since 2007, they invited local fans and others to join them in a barefoot ‘Take The Walk’ stroll for charity.

Hanson donates one dollar for each person registered for the walk. Each walker identified one of five charities the band supports, all tied to poverty, to apply their contribution.

Taylor Hanson, who proved to be the main spokesman for the event, explained that walking barefoot helps differentiate what they are trying to accomplish.

“It’s about connecting people in a tangible way to poverty, and specifically HIV / AIDS, because if you can deal with poverty you can deal with the issues of HIV in the communities in Africa. The cycle of poverty contributes massively to that disease being spread,” he detailed.

Hanson likes the idea that the charity events are humble and unpolished.

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