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Oklahoma’s trio of blond-mopped brothers, most famous for their breakout 1997 single MMMBop, have been performing together for 21 years. They have always written their own tunes and played their own instruments. They still tour the world regularly.

But when we sit down at the Thompson Hotel this past summer, Taylor (now 30), Zac (28) and Isaac Hanson (32) – now all brunettes, actually – aren’t particularly hell-bent on proving themselves. By now, they seem settled and confident as a self-run band who certainly don’t have the fame they once did, but don’t seem to mind, either.
They’ve got southern charm and friendliness to spare. They’re also very professional, media-familiar in the way most former child stars are, and focused on promoting their sixth studio album, Anthem, whose supporting tour they bring to the Danforth Music Hall Saturday (November 9).

It seems like you always have a novel approach to your live shows.

Zac: Some of the early people we worked with – business partners and managers – were all big fans of the jam band scene. One thing we pulled from them was the idea that each concert is an individual experience, which is part of building the relationship with your fans, giving them the sense that they’re always going to get something special. It’s not a broadway show where you’re going to hit your marks every night. There’s supposed to be risk.

Taylor: It’s not just, “We’re here to go through the city and check it off the box.” It’s a calling card. Our statement about who we are as a band is very much about the community, very much about the show. A lot of people know Hanson for having pop hits, but really what makes Hanson is that relationship with the fans.

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Forget the glitz and glamour that comes with a life of celebrity. Taylor Hanson wants to talk about Tulsa’s mayoral race. Hanson, the middle brother of the Tulsa trio that rose to fame — gulp — 17 years ago, took to YouTube to ask young Tulsa voters to show up Nov. 12 to help shape their city’s future. “Hey, this is Taylor Hanson. I’m a musician, an entrepreneur and a guy from Tulsa, Oklahoma,” the short clip begins.

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Pop-rock band Hanson will headline First Night, Central New York’s New Year’s Eve celebration at Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool.

County Executive Joanie Mahoney announced this year’s First Night celebration will be free for the first time ever, paid for by Burdick Chevy at Driver’s Village. In previous years, the New Year’s Eve celebration cost $5 in advance and $8 at the gate.

Hanson rose to stardom and heartthrob status when their debut album “Middle of Nowhere” topped pop music charts in 1997. Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac will perform their hit single “MMMBop” at First Night along with several original songs.

“The musical headliner will be very familiar if you grew up in the 1990s or had children in the 1990s,” said Ed Levine, president and CEO of Galaxy Communications. “While ‘MMMBop’ is what they’re primarily known for, in the last 5-7 years they’ve developed a whole new generation of fans.”

Levine first heard Hanson’s music when his now-25-year-old daughter listened to them in ’90s.

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View all of the animations for the I Will Come To You video here or click on one of the lovely moving pictures above.

A huge thanks to Bethany for donating over 100 icons to us! They’re all gorgeous, so check them out at the art archive!

Also created a few new wallpapers for y’all! If you have a few Hanson pictures that you love and want to see made into a desktop, send them to me at brittany@hansonvault.com and I’ll make it for ya!

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If you still know Hanson as the three fresh-faced adolescents who gave us the hit song “MMMBop” in 1996, here’s a dose of perspective: This year the band reaches drinking age, and the brothers are celebrating with their own craft beer.

While the group has been around for 21 years, the brothers are well beyond that. The oldest, guitarist Isaac Hanson, turns 34 this month. On Monday and Tuesday, he joins brothers Taylor, 30, and Zac, 28, for concerts at Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival, where they have performed for the past few years. Performances are at 5:30, 6:45 and 8 p.m. each day and are included with park admission.

“Taylor in particular is a big foodie,” says Isaac. “It’s kind of an easy gig for us, in the sense that we get do do three relatively short shows each day, then get the chance to eat some good food.”

Hanson has toured relentlessly in support of their six studio albums and they have cultivated more than a taste for good food along the way. The entreprenurial brothers have donated funds to charity efforts through sales of their own coffee (Kikombe Cha Kutoa), and this year they released their own craft beer, an American Pale Ale cheekily titled “Mmmhops.”

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