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Hanson talks to NOW Magazine about what defines them - Leave a comment

Oklahoma’s trio of blond-mopped brothers, most famous for their breakout 1997 single MMMBop, have been performing together for 21 years. They have always written their own tunes and played their own instruments. They still tour the world regularly.

But when we sit down at the Thompson Hotel this past summer, Taylor (now 30), Zac (28) and Isaac Hanson (32) – now all brunettes, actually – aren’t particularly hell-bent on proving themselves. By now, they seem settled and confident as a self-run band who certainly don’t have the fame they once did, but don’t seem to mind, either.
They’ve got southern charm and friendliness to spare. They’re also very professional, media-familiar in the way most former child stars are, and focused on promoting their sixth studio album, Anthem, whose supporting tour they bring to the Danforth Music Hall Saturday (November 9).

It seems like you always have a novel approach to your live shows.

Zac: Some of the early people we worked with – business partners and managers – were all big fans of the jam band scene. One thing we pulled from them was the idea that each concert is an individual experience, which is part of building the relationship with your fans, giving them the sense that they’re always going to get something special. It’s not a broadway show where you’re going to hit your marks every night. There’s supposed to be risk.

Taylor: It’s not just, “We’re here to go through the city and check it off the box.” It’s a calling card. Our statement about who we are as a band is very much about the community, very much about the show. A lot of people know Hanson for having pop hits, but really what makes Hanson is that relationship with the fans.